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Constitution of By-laws of the Burr Elementary School PTO

Originated: June 20, 2000

Revision 1 date: November 18, 2009

Projected Revision 2 date: September 16, 2015


This revision of the by-laws reflects the original by-laws within revisions and amendments from various meetings of the Burr Elementary School P{TO, and Executive Board of the Burr PTO. It is, therefore, evolutionary not revolutionary, and as always remains open to comment and revision, according to the rules contained within. These by-laws will become effective immediately after approval of the organization.

Article I: Name

Section 1: The name of this organization is the Burr District Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization of 792 Killingworth Road Higganum, CT 06441, (hereinafter known as the “Burr PTO” or “organization”).

Article II: Purpose

Section 1. The objective and purpose of the organization

a.      The Burr PTO shall strive to foster a closer relationship of home and school so that teachers and parents may cooperate intelligently in the education of the children. The Burr PTO will work diligently to enhance the educational facilities and opportunities for the students of Burr Elementary School that is not otherwise provided in the Burr Schools Budgets


Section 2. Scope

a.      In providing educational and personal enrichment to the students of Burr Elementary School, this organization shall support the students by engaging in fundraising projects, supporting the various student enrichment activities, providing a forum for parent, teacher and student interaction through community events, and promoting open communication between parents, teachers, Burr Elementary School, and the community to assist in making every child feel valued, challenged, and successful.





Article III: Policies

Section 1. Basic Policies

a.      This organization shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan.

b.      This organization shall cooperate with the Burr Elementary School to support the improvement of education in ways that will not seek to control their policies.

c.       This organization exists as an independent, unincorporated association of its members.

d.      While there is no affiliation with the state and national organization entitled P.T.A. our organization does parallel the state and national organization in its interest toward parents, teachers and the general public.

e.      This organization may cooperate with other organizations and agencies active in child welfare such as; conference groups or coordinating councils, provided we make no commitments which bind our membership without their consent.

f.        This organization or any member in their official capacities shall not directly or indirectly use their position to promote any part is an interest, political candidate, or commercial concern for any purpose not appropriately related to the promotion of the objectives in this organization.

g.      Any correspondence issued by members of the PTO must be approved by the President(s) and/or vice president(s) and school principal prior to distribution.


Article IV: Membership and Dues

Section 1.  Membership in this organization shall be made available to any individual, parent,

guardian, extended family member or adult standing in loco parentis for a student at the Burr Elementary School who subscribes to the By-laws of this organization, without regard to race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, or national origin. The principal and any staff employed at the school may also be Members.


Section 2.  Each Member carries the privilege of holding office, making motions, debating and voting at the meetings of the Members.


Section 3. The organization shall take attendance at all general meetings, executive and special

meetings and placed on meeting minutes. Members present during those meetings, but persons may be admitted to membership at any time.


Section 4. If the membership of any individual, be they Officer, Member, Faculty or Administration, is determined to be detrimental to the established mission of the PTO, or if any individual intentionally conducts business not in accordance with the By-laws, or without knowledge of the PTO, said membership will be revoked in accordance with voting procedures, and member will be removed from any or all committees member currently chair’s or participates on for the remainder of that school year. The Vote shall take place at the next general meeting.


Section 5. No fee, contribution or donation shall be required for membership.


Article V: Voting Eligibility

Section 1.  All Members shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote with respect to any matter to be

submitted to the Members for a vote during any general or special meeting of the Members.


Section 2. Quorum

a.      A quorum shall consist of at least five (5) voting members, two(2) of which are Executive Board members. A quorum is required for all financial votes and changes to the By-laws.

b.      If the group believes that they must take a particular action, even though a quorum is not present, they can do so, but it is not considered to be an action of the PTO membership until it is ratified at the next meeting in which a quorum is present. A motion to ratify the action has to take place.


Section 3.  Voting of greater than 50% majority vote of the members present at any meeting shall be required for all action to be taken by the organization. A minimum of at least three (3) Executive Board members must be present to hold a meeting.


Section 4.  Voting Procedures

a.       Member makes a recommendation/motion to the membership of the General meeting. “I move or I make a motion.....”

b.      Another Member shall then second the recommendation/motion.

c.       President(s) asks for discussion to takes place.

d.      Members discuss motion, ask questions and seek clarifications.

e.      An amendment may be made to the original motion. “I move to amend by adding, deleting, changing, etc...”

f.        President(s) asks for a second.

g.      President(s) asks for any discussion.

h.      President(s) calls a vote. Showing of hands shall be taken and the number count recorded.

i.        Any tie or contested vote shall result in an immediate re-vote.

j.        In the case of a continued tie, the President(s) shall cast the deciding vote.

k.       President(s) announces results of vote.


Article VI: Officers and Elections

Section 1.

a.        Each officer of this organization shall be a member of the Burr District Elementary School PTO, and in good standing within the organization.


Section 2. The officers and their election.

a.      The officers of this organization shall be President/Co-President(s), 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. In the event the organization elects to have co-positions no more than 2 can reside in any one seat.

b.      The officers shall be elected for the forth-coming school year by ballot at the final general meeting of the current school year. However, if there is but one candidate for any office, the election may be made by voice-vote.

c.       Officers shall serve for a term of one year and shall remain in the office until their successors are elected and take office, or resignation in written form to the Secretary is received.

d.      No person can be on more than one seat.

e.      No officer shall be eligible to serve in the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

f.        No person may serve as an officer for more than four consecutive years. Exceptions to this Article must be passed by a unanimous vote at the final general meeting.

g.      Nominations of officers for the forth-coming school year shall take place at the general meeting one month prior to the final general meeting of the current school year. These nominations shall be made public, at least 15 days before the final meeting.

h.      Officers shall assume their official duties as of July 1st .

i.        A vacancy occurring in an office shall be filled by a vote of members at the next general meeting. Prior notification of such election must be given 15 days before the meeting. However, a vacancy occurring in the presidency will automatically be filled by the 1st Vice-President(s).


Article VII: Duties of Officers

Section 1.  Duties of Officers

a.      PRESIDENT(s)

1.      Preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Board.

2.      Calls meeting to order.

3.      Determines if a Quorum is present.

4.      Call Executive Board meetings when necessary.

5.      Serve as the primary contact for the Principal.

6.      Represent the organization at meetings outside the organization.

7.      Shall serve as an authorized signatory of all PTO checks.

8.      Perform such other duties as assigned by the organization.

9.      Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the organization in order that the objectives may be accomplished.

10.  Arrange on a periodic basis for an independent audit of the PTO financial records maintained by the Treasurer.

11.  Be fair with all Executive Board members, delegate responsibilities and offer assistance.



1.      Attend all Burr PTO meetings.

2.      Aide to the President(s) and shall perform the duties of the President(s) in the absence or inability of that officer to act.

3.      Should a President(s) be unable to complete his/her term, the remaining President(s) shall assume the office of the President(s) solely (unless the Executive Board elects a replacement from the 1st Vice president seat).

4.      May serve as an authorized signatory on all PTO checks.

5.      Perform such as other duties as assigned by the organization.


c.       SECRETARY

1.      Keep a complete record of the proceedings of all PTO meetings.

2.      Read the previous meeting minutes for approval at general meeting(s).

3.      Be prepared to refer to minutes of previous meetings.

4.      Retain copies of all current year’s meeting minutes, By-laws and necessary papers in the PTO file cabinet.

5.      Perform other duties as assigned by the organization.

6.      Provide meeting minutes and agendas for all meeting(s).

7.      Provide a blank sign-in sheet for all meetings.


d.       TREASURER

1.      Shall collect all monies forthcoming from any and all projects.

2.      Shall keep a full and accurate account of invoices, and expenditures; shall make disbursements in accordance with budget as authorized by the PTO, the Executive Board or special committees.

3.      Responsible for financial integrity, monthly report of income and expenses along with year-end reporting of income, expenditures and remaining balance.

4.      Report whenever called upon to do so.

5.      Treasurer’s accounts shall be examined by an independent auditor (CPA) at the end of the school year.

6.      Read Treasurer report at all general meeting(s) and approved by a voice vote of those members present at the meeting. If Treasurer is absent, treasurer’s report may be provided by another member of the Executive Board or presented at the next meeting and put up for vote.

7.      Inform the Executive board within seven (7) days any major issues/problems.


Article VIII: Standing Committee

Section 1.  The standing committee shall be selected by the executive committee as may be required to promote the objectives of the organization.


Section 2.  The Committee chairpersons of the standing committee shall be selected by one of the two methods:

a.      Volunteer to chair committee being the only person on the committee.

b.      If there is a dispute in chairmanship on a committee a ballot vote of the PTO members will decide who becomes chair for that year.


Section 3.  Their term of office shall be one year or the duration of that academic year.


Section 4.  Committee chairs shall keep the Burr PTO informed of their committee’s progress at the regular PTO meetings. If they are not able to attend, they are expected to provide a written or oral report to the (Co)Vice-President prior to the meeting.


Section 5.  Committee chairs shall provide all members of their committee with written guidelines which should be filed with the Secretary annually or upon revision.


Section 6.  Committee chairs wishing to resign their position may do so when placed in written form to the Secretary is received


            Article IX: Meetings

Section 1.  Meetings  The privilege of holding office, making motions and voting shall be limited to members of the organization present at any meetings. There shall be no voting proxy at any meeting of this organization.

a.      A quorum for the transaction of business in any meeting of this organization is



Section 2. Regular Meeting

a.      Regular meetings of this organization shall be held monthly or as otherwise designated by the executive committee.


Section 3.  Annual Meeting

a.      The annual meeting shall be held at the last meeting of the academic year. Annual reports shall be received and officers for the forth-coming year shall be elected.


Section 4.  Special Meeting

a.       Special meeting of the Burr PTO Executive Board may be called by the School Principal, the PTO President(s), the Executive Board, or upon written request of no less than five (5) Members. Written notice of place, day, and time along with agenda topics for the meeting(s) shall be circulated to the membership not less than 3 school days in advance of such meeting. The President(s) will send this notification.


Section 5.  Executive Board

a.      The Burr PTO Executive Board will consist of the elected officers of the Burr PTO and

the Principal of the School, or his/her designee.

b.      Meetings of the Burr PTO Executive Board will be held monthly or as needed as designated by the President(s) without public notice. Minutes of all Burr PTO Executive Board meetings shall be recorded and made available upon request.

1.      The Executive Board shall transact necessary business in person, by phone, or e-mail between meetings of the Burr PTO and other business as may be referred to it.

c.       The Burr PTO Executive Board, at the discretion, will schedule general membership meetings.

d.      A two-thirds (2/3) majority of Burr PTO Executive Board members shall be present to transact business.

e.      The Burr PTO Executive Board will meet in closed session to discuss issues with independent contractors, or lawsuits or pending lawsuits.

f.        It will be the responsibility of the PTO Executive Board to determine those projects uncompleted to be carried over and resolved within the next year or cancelled.

g.      The members of the executive committee shall serve until their successors are elected.

1.       A PTO file box will be kept by the secretary with current minutes and pending projects and any other pertinent documentation (i.e. treasurer, secretary and committee reports) for a minimum of 5 years.


Article X: Parliamentary Authority

“Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised” shall govern this organization, except where they are in

conflict with the provisions of these By-laws.



Article XI: Fiscal Considerations

Section 1.  The fiscal year of this organization shall begin July 1 and end of June 30.


Section 2. Money Disbursement:

a.      All monies raised by the PTO belong to the organization and not to individual members.

b.      Proceeds from all PTO fund raisers become part of the General Fund, unless allocated by a vote of members at a general meeting for use by a specific committee.

c.       Disbursement of monies in the General Fund for any one item in excess of $250.00 must be voted by members at a general meeting. Lesser amounts may be appropriated at an executive committee meeting, and ratified at the next General meeting.


Section 3.  The budget for the upcoming fiscal year must be presented at the final general meeting of each school year.


Section 4.  A checking account and savings account shall be maintained by the treasurer. A minimum of $100.00 will be in the savings account at all times. A minimum balance of $100.00 will be retained in the checking account at the end of each fiscal year.


Section 5.  Other avenues of investing monies.


Article XII: Tax-Exempt Status Policies

Section 1.  The Policies in this section have been established to maintain a tax-exempt status as

defined in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

a.       To operate exclusively for charitable, literary, religious, educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as provided in the Articles of Incorporation of the PTO (or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code.)

b.      No part of the net earnings of the organization shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, directors, officers or other private persons, except that the organization shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of Section 501 (c) (3) purpose. No substantial part of the activities of the organization shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the organization shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, the organization shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by an organization exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or corresponding section of any future Federal tax code) or (b) by an organization, contributions to which are deductible under Section 170 (c) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code (or corresponding section of any future Federal tax code.).

c.       In the event of dissolution or the organization, assets shall be distributed to the school as decided by a vote at a general meeting. However, if the named recipient is not then in existence or no longer a qualified distribute, or unwilling or unable to accept the distribution, that the assets of this organization shall be distributed to a fund, foundation or corporation organized and operated exclusively for the purpose specified in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or corresponding section of any future Federal tax code.).


Article XIII: Code of Conduct

Section 1.  Distinct responsibilities come with being a volunteer of a nonprofit organization. In your position, you have accepted an obligation to act in the best interests of the organization as a whole. All officers and members are expected to adhere carefully to policies, goals and the principles of the organization and set an example of civic volunteerism.

a.      Organizational goals before personal goals: Put the best interests of the entire program ahead of individual desires. We are here to serve all children with quality programs.

b.      Speak up when you have questions or disagree, but support the final decision of the organization: Once and issue has been discussed and decided, support it and defend it.

c.       Accept responsibility: Take on your share of the work. Do your best, ask for help and look for ways to improve prior practices.

d.      Treat your colleagues respectfully: Give your colleagues the benefit of the doubt. They are volunteers just like you, doing their best to help build a quality program for our children. Conflicts should focus on issues, not personalities or individuals. Courtesy goes a long way toward building harmony and cooperation.

e.      Periodic review of the organization and its programs: Take a fresh look at how things are done. Don’t be afraid to enlist new talent. Teach them how things have been done in the past.

f.        Intimidation, Harassment, or Bullying: Any member of the PTO will not bully/intimidate/harass another member.


Article XIV: Amendments

Section 1.   Any amendments to these By-laws must be handled on the basis of the following procedures:

a.      All proposals must be in writing, and delivered to any member of the By-Laws Committee and Co-President(s).

b.      Proposal shall be reviewed by the By-Laws Committee to ensure that it doesn’t conflict with our current By-laws.

c.       Reasonable advanced notice must be given to the membership at the previous regular meeting before the meeting in which the vote is to take place on By-laws amendment.

d.      By-Laws may be amended at any general meeting of the organization by a two-thirds

(2/3) vote of the members present and voting.

e.      By-Laws should be reviewed at least every 2 years.

f.        A file folder containing all previously approved By-laws shall be kept in the PTO files for reference purposes.

g.      Revision Log sheet must reflect the date By-laws were approved and become affected.


These amendments as submitted are a true, correct and complete copy of the amendments to our organization document as approved by our membership on ________________________.


Signed: _________________________________Date:________________________________


Signed: ________________________________Date: _________________________________

Vice President

Original Signed Documents can be obtained from Secretary and PTO File Cabinet.