Thank you Volunteers!

Thank you so much to all of our past and present volunteers.  Every little bit helps from spending a morning mounting art work for the annual art show to making a dish to give our teachers a nice thank you luncheon.  

Thank you to our '15-'16 Volunteers!  

Thank you to the army of volunteers it takes to make so many great events happen at Burr!

Back to School Picnic: Brad & Bridget Marshall, Sal & Jen LoGiudice, Veronica & Anthony Pizzorusso, Dan & Brittany Moriarty, Vanessa & Paul Miller & Jennifer Beatman 

Cultural Arts Programs: Cheryl Haase
Kindergarten Welcome Signs: Katie Conte, Jen LoGiudice, Bridget Marshall
Fall Fundraisers: Jen Favalora & Bridget Marshall
Mystery Reader Night: Lisa Aronson, Erin Benson, Bridget Marshall, Julie Bruno & Liz Bredefeld 

Book Fair: Veronica Pizzorusso, Bridget Marshall, Allison Behnke, Debbie Gilbert, Laura Napierkowski, David Piela, Jen LoGiudice, Danielle Tabaka, Crystal Stephens, Kara Sanderson,
Deb Mandolfo, Jenn Tassmer, Ernestina Diaz, Colleen Boothroyd, & Jen Favalora 

Fall Festival: Veronica Pizzorusso, Anthony Pizzorusso, Jen LoGiudice, Sal LoGiudice, 

Movie Night:  Veronica Pizzorusso, Anthony Pizzorusso, Jen LoGiudice, Sal LoGiudice

Metro Movie Night:  Jen Favalora

Goodwill Donations: Katie Conte

Spirit Wear & Field Day T-shirts: Jen LoGuidice

Bottle Recycling for the school: Nicole Castiglione

Thankful Feast: Veronica Pizzorusso, Jen LoGiudice, Danielle Tabaka, Laura Napierkowsi

Garden Club: Kara Sanderson

Mounting and Labelling for the Art Show : Paula Bucko, Laura Kuehn, Jen Favalora, Tammy Engler

Yearbook: Michelle Myers Brown, Laura Kuehn, Jen Favalora

Spring Mystery Reader Night: Maria Czarkowski, Jen LoGiudice

CT Science Center Day: Bridget Marshall

Yankees/ Red Sox Game: Cheryl Haase

New Britain Bees Game: Sherry LaConte

Chili’s Night Out: Michelle Myers- Brown

Mother’s Day Roses: Katie Conte, Bridget Marshall

Bus Driver Appreciation Day: Lore Lena

Spring Staff Luncheon:Veronica Pizzorusso, Jen LoGiudice, Danielle Tabaka

Student Directory: Jen LoGiudice, Jen Favalora

Spring Book Fair: Bridget Marshall, Veronica Pizzorusso, Laura Napierkowski, Sherry LaConte, Heidi 

Hardgrove, Danielle Tabaka, Lindsay Wolfradt, Laura Kuehn, Patricia Mathews, Debbie Gilbert, 

Erika Anderson Scot Thomas, Michelle Myers-Brown

Publishing: Kim Izzo

Sunshine Committee: Jen LoGiudice, Veronica Pizzorusso

Art Show: Laura Kuehn, Paula Bucko, Jen Favalora, Jenn Tasmer, Michelle Myers-Brown,  

Colleen Boothroyd, Michele Loughlin,  Ella DeMaio, Danielle Tabaka,  

Thank you also to the many volunteers who helped in the classroom this year. 

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Jen LoGiudice:

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